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Modern Academy in Maadi

Dear students; Modern Academy in Maadi is one of the finest Higher Education Institutes in Egypt, and it honors me and all the academy staff to welcome you all, in addition, we promise the community to provide our student with excellent educational services.

In Modern Academy, we are determined to support our students with all they need for achieving their dreams and opening the door for better work opportunities. Consequently, teaching in Modern Academy, in the light of globalization and the accelerated know-how community, is not restricted to lectures and exercises only. The rapid successive scientific and technological innovations and social ideas have motivated us to apply learning systems that focus on the escalating educational policies and aims, which are required these days, specifically, communication and social skills that guide the learner in how to be responsible and think positively, so that he, the graduate, can deal with the cultural and value-centered interactions that distinguish this era through developing critical and innovative thinking skills, the ability of taking the right decision, problem solving and knowledge research skills.

Accordingly, the Academy seeks not only to provide knowledge, but also, to provide the students with the labor market required skills and how to build an integrated personality. The Academy provides the students with an educational environment enabling the student to obtain interactive learning by a qualified specialized staff members capable of converting the concept of learning from a mere cognitive facts into a mixture of applied and technical skills as pre-required in the labor market, besides, building informed personality equipped with science and knowledge enabling the graduate to innovate, cope with the new updates and respect cultural diversity.            


اقرأ أيضا
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