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During the past 26 years, the CS Department adopted an ongoing modernization and quality assurance policy which are related to instruction in view of coping with the rapid development in the field of information technology.
Ongoing modernization requires efficient, constantly accurate staff, and distinguished faculty; which is the reason for the outstanding academic caliber of the graduates of the CS Department. Therefore, the baccalaureate degrees offered by the MAM are now equivalent to the baccalaureate degrees offered by the various Egyptian universities, in addition to the fact that MAM alumni may register in the Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions (ESSP). They are also known as competent performers in both the national and international markets.
It is a great honor that President honored Mr. Ahmed Saeed Abul Ela, the first student of Class '07 in the CS Department in the Alumni Day ceremony. Mr. Abul Ela is the first private university graduate ever to be honored.
Egypt's welfare is made true by the Egyptians themselves. It is the end we work for to achieve. An academically competent and competitively well-trained graduate is our ultimate objective.

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The program vision is to achieve excellence in the fields of computer science locally, regionally and internationally within education quality frame.

The computer science program is committed to provide updated educational services that match the standards of the quality of education, in order to prepare a distinguished graduate having the ability to compete in the field of computer science conduct advanced scientific researches and provide effective services to the society and surrounding environment
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