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Economics Department, was established in the year 1995/1996 under the patronage of its

Founder and Dean, Prof. Dr. Nabil Deabis, the Dept. considered as a foremost section among major departments at the academic level, Economic Department aims to be one of the distinguished departments at the level of scientific specialization and its outputs are always characterized by great professionalism and high ability to economic analysis In accordance with developments in the external environment and keeping pace with future prospects of scientific evolvement.

We also strive to develop the educational process in the field of economics in the interest of the student and society as well, and the empower of specialized scientific competencies that meet the development requirements of the community.

The section’s attention emphasized on to two interrelated aspects:

The first aspect, which is academic: the department focuses on the quality and comprehensiveness of its scientific curriculum, aligned with the development of student's

personality and their scientific and practical skills, as well energize the role of the department in the academic and higher education system in general, and adapting state-of-the-art skills and methods of higher education in economics field.

As for the other side, community service: The department is keen on generating skilled generations in the economic sciences that serve the needs of society for its private and public sectors.


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The program vision is to achieve excellence in the field of Economics to prepare a graduate capable for competing locally, regionally and up to the international level within educational quality frame.


The program is committed to provide updated educational services that match the standards of the quality of education, in order to prepare a distinguished graduate having the ability to compete in the field of Economics, conduct advanced scientific researches and provide effective services to the society and surrounding environment.

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